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The way I draw could be compared with writing. My medium is almost exclusively ink, which I associate with the half-forgotten Western tradition of writing with ink, with a penholder and a nib, or a fountain pen. I grew up recognising the nobility of writing with ink and have from an early age carried a fountain pen with me, in the deceptive belief it would lead me to write books of great weight and consequence. This is also how I first started drawing, or doodling, during university lectures in London and Paris in the early 1980s. Since then, the drawings have grown in size and complexity, but the primary idea and motivation remain unchanged.


I draw fast, and often create relatively large numbers of works in one sitting. Although I am in general solidly in control of my own feelings, thoughts, and actions, I tend to set aside any restraint as I sit down to draw. In this way, my method of drawing might almost be compared to automatic writing. I think I draw because I can't (or so it seems to me) write. Drawing to me is a relentless and somewhat maladroit attempt to communicate with my fellow human beings.


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