© 2017  Ian Bourgeot

The Home of a Modern Man  

26.6.-9.7.2017 Gingrich Gallery, Tokyo

The Home of a Modern Man was Bourgeot’s first solo exhibition in Japan. It presented a range of small (size A4 or smaller) ink drawings which touch upon the themes of memories and reflections of a distant past, the tragedy of loss, and of a man searching and building a home in an ever-changing modern world.


The Man, as the main character of Bourgeot’s drawings, carries many similarities with his own biography (whether real or imagined): a long journey which has brought him to Finland. In this way, the ink works resonate with the other part of the exhibition, which presented Arkadia International Bookshop, which Bourgeot founded in Helsinki in 2008, to the Japanese audience.



The exhibition was curated by Keiko Murate.

La chambre rouge, 2017